Video: Shadow DN4 Can-Am fury around Road America

09th April 2024
Ethan Jupp

When it comes to Can-Am, there’s no side impact structure, no crumple zone, no halo, no roll bar even (though most are modified to feature something to that effect today). They’re flimsy fibreglass glazed over, if you’re lucky, an alloy tub and if you’re not, a selection of tubes welded together. All that is connected to four wheels, the rears of which are fed by 600PS (441kW) or more of thunderous, furious power.

In the Shadow DN4, the precise figure is 850PS (625kW), courtesy of an 8.1-litre V8 engine and that’s what we’re riding on board with today, as we enjoy a frankly terrifying lap around Road America at full pace.

Driver Kyle Tilley happily has a good grip of its scruff as he hurtles it around the circuit, stretching that big-block Chevy V8 for all it’s worth. The car is shall we say, lively, with Tilley wrestling with the wheel to keep the car pointing in the direction he wants it, off the grass and out the walls and fences that scythe past as his speed increases. 

All racing drivers are brave. Of this we can be in no doubt. But just as some cars are safer than others, some drivers inevitably need to be braver than others to drive what they drive. When it comes to Can-Am, the bravery levels have to be positively gladiatorial. We can’t wait to see these monstrous, furious machines gathered at 81MM this weekend and let loose on our Motor Circuit for our Can-Am demonstration.

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