Video: The V12 Veloqx Fangio wants to be sustainable Le Mans racer

16th February 2022
Ethan Jupp

Have you ever looked at a Ferrari F12 and thought “that is just far too boring for me. Doesn’t stand out at all”? Well, Veloqx has your back, with the Fangio. This entirely outrageous machine takes the Ferrari F12, adds some extra-terrestrial styling and aero addenda, with a fully width-spanning rear wing, monster diffuser and gaping mouth. The real kicker is that while the F12 is obviously road legal, and the interior of this car seems to be appointed as a luxurious road car would be, this isn’t road legal.

The really crazy thing, though? Apparently, the long term plan is to field a modified version of this car in LMH at Le Mans. Yes, against Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, Toyota and many, many more, with their dedicated prototype racers. It intends to get the Fangio running on variable zero-emission fuel before joining the WEC in 2025. There is precedent for Veloqx in racing, too, with founder Sam Li having fielded Ferrari 360 GT2s in British GT and FIA GT, as well as a 550 GTS and Audi R8 LMP at Le Mans. With that kind of experience, they must know what they’re doing. We’re eager to see where the project goes, though we’re fairly sure an LMH version of the Fangio won’t retain the luxurious cabin trappings of the Ferrari F12. For now, we can enjoy the sound of this screaming V12 being exercised enthusiastically at Yas Marina.

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Video: The V12 Veloqx Fangio wants to be sustainable Le Mans racer

16th February 2022



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