Video: Aspark Owl SP600 becomes (unofficially) the world's fastest EV

16th June 2024
Russell Campbell

The Aspark Owl SP600 – presumably so-called because it's silent but deadly – has smashed the top speed record for EVs, laying down a 272.6mph gauntlet at the Automotive Testing facility Papenburg in Germany, the same place the Rimac Nevera hit 256mph back in 2022. Japan's Aspark time is unofficial, with Croatia still the record holder owing to the Rimac's top speed being officially verified. 

The Owl matches the Nevara's specs with a potent electric motor on each corner, but while you get 1,914 PS (1.408kW) in the Rimac, the Aspark ups that to 2,040PS (1500kW) powered (briefly) by a 64kWh battery. Aspark boss Masanori Yoshida said: "It has been about 10 years since we started working on the Owl hypercar. We aimed for the world's fastest accelerating car, then attempted and achieved the top speed world record today with our new hypercar Owl SP600," said.

Suppose you, too, want to explode past 250mph on electric power alone. The recipe is simple in that case: all you need are cahonies the size of planets, courtesy of German racing driver Marc Basseng. Otherwise, you can enjoy the ride though the safety of the screen, and watch as the speedometer unrelentingly climbs higher and higher - you’re at 270mph before you can barely blink, much to the distress of the mobile directions which alert Basseng he’s driving ‘too fast.’ Meanwhile he looks as calm as anything as he doubles the standard speed limit and then some…

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Video: Aspark Owl SP600 becomes (unofficially) the world's fastest EV

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