Video: Bathurst heel-and-toe never gets old

18th May 2022
Seán Ward

Have you ever seen the meme of Vince McMahon, the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) CEO and founder, looking more and more shocked before falling off his chair? This is the motoring video equivalent: Onboard video, Supercars onboard video, Supercars onboard video at Bathurst, Supercars onboard video at Bathurst with a view of the driver’s pedals. It just gets better and better.

We’re riding along with Dean Fiore in his Nissan Altima for practice ahead of the 2019 Bathurst 1,000, and he’s on it immediately. Flying up and down through the gears with the car’s sequential ‘box, we can see his right foot dance, hammering down on the brake, blipping the throttle like a machinegun while punching the clutch with his left foot, then peeling away from the brake as he turns in to the corner and immediately getting his foot back on the gas. It’s mesmerising. It’s impressive, too, to see Dean brush the brake with is left foot before the braking zone, and watch him rest his left hand on his leg between corners while doing 150mph. The commentators talking us through the lap are superb, too. We could watch this all day.

Welcome to Goodwood Elevenses, a mid-morning helping of motoring-related amusement to help break up your day. Watch the last video: Throwing a go‑kart around Laguna Seca looks insane

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Video: Bathurst heel-and-toe never gets old

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