JUN 06th 2014

Z06 Corvette: more torque than a G7 summit...

The last time a Z06 Corvette came to market (in 2006), one was driven around the Nurburgring in a time which ruffled quite a few ‘establishment’ feathers. To this day the C6 Corvette Z06’s best quoted time around the ‘Green Hell’ is quicker than such luminaries as the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, Maserati MC12, Pagani Zonda F Clubsport, Ferrari Enzo, and Porsche Carrera GT. Not a bad list of scalps, that, and that’s before you consider that the Z06 was actually the second-quickest Corvette you could buy …

The previous Z06 banished the age-old (and, frankly, well-deserved) perception that Corvettes aren’t serious drivers’ cars, but it still did fall dramatically short in the interior quality department. Now though, there’s a new Corvette, and with it a new Z06 version to scream at the GT and supercar establishment from across the Atlantic.

And scream it certainly does, even standing still. There’s no ignoring the new ‘Stingray’ C7 Corvette from a styling point of view. It almost makes the old car look a bit plain by comparison, and probably won’t appeal to those who prefer some subtlety to their high performance motoring. But if high performance is your bag, then the Z06 Stingray delivers by the lorry-load.

650bhp is the official figure. That’s six-hundred-and-fifty. But as the old saying goes; ‘horsepower sells engines, and torque wins races’. GM have that covered, too. The supercharged, 6.2 litre LT4 V8 delivers 650lb ft of the stuff by the time it’s spinning at 3,600 rpm. Over 450lb ft is on-tap at idle!

So, the Z06 Stingray is enormously powerful, and built by the same people who made the previous car lap the ‘ring faster than every Ferrari road car ever made (LaFerrari hasn’t been timed yet), and every Porsche with the exception of the 918. If they can produce it with an interior that Europeans find acceptable then they could have a red-hot hit on their hands.

We really, really need to get our mitts on one of these.

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