NOV 23rd 2015

'Stirling Moss' 722 SLR ‑ What are we Bid?


Given the cold snap we’re currently experiencing, a Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss might not be the most appealing form of transport. But then again these cars so rarely come up for sale that when they do they demand consideration. Who needs a roof and windows anyway …

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Just 75 examples of the SLR Stirling Moss were built by McLaren and they were only offered new to existing SLR owners. The car represented the final flourish of SLR production, which finally drew to a close in 2010. 

moss Mercedes-Benz SLR 231115

Along the way 722, 722S, 722 GT, Roadster, ‘McLaren’ and Stirling Moss’ editions were produced, but without doubt the  latter is the most unhinged of the lot. The original car’s 557bhp was deemed to be insufficient, so the roofless version enjoyed a far more palatable 640bhp which made it good for around 217mph and zero to sixty in around 3.5 seconds. Consider also a huge 200kg weight saving over the coupe and we’re still probably talking about a car who’s performance would likely be a match for the majority of cars produced today. 

Moss Mercedes-Benz SLR

All of this performance must have been wonderful for the first owner to use when it took part in the 2009 Mille Miglia. Apparently it completed the classic 1,000 mile event almost immediately after being built. Can you imagine the reaction the car must have received from the enormous crowds as it drew into places like Verona at night with that evocative, thumping V8 music emanating from its side-pipes and bouncing off the medieval walls?  

moss Mercedes-Benz SLR

The sticking point though must surely be the, ahem, ‘draught-excluding arrangements’ which are virtually non-existent. Surely even on a sunny day, blasting along the Cote D-Azur those tiny see-through deflectors atop the dashboard would serve little purpose? And as for the thought of using one on a day like today… Perhaps we are missing the point though? Surely this car is destined to become an interesting addition to someone’s collection where it will appreciate in value gradually and see little actual use?

Merecedes-Benz McLaren SLR Moss

It will be offered for sale at Coys ‘True Greats‘ sale in London on the 1st December along with an SLS Coupe, which has a guide price of between £160,000 – £180,000. There is no guide price for the Stirling Moss, although you’re likely to need something in the region of four times that amount to make it yours, having cost a lofty £660,000 when new. Might it even nudge a million?

 Photography courtesy of COYS

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