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NOV 30th 2021

Ethan Jupp

The 12 best supercar concepts ever

Most supercars don’t give you the impression that any ‘holding back’ has taken place on part of the manufacturer. And yet, like all cars, they have to adhere to certain rules and regulations in car manufacturing, dictating proportions, design features, emissions and noise. Yes, a selection of government suits from around the world have decided, or will decide, that the way the Aston Martin Valkyrie looks, sounds and goes is perfectly legal for road use. Yet there are supercars that either didn’t make it to production, or just weren’t ever intended for it. Supercars unbound by the shackles of homologation: pure expressions of a designer’s artistic vision, an engineer’s fancy and a manufacturer’s hubris. We’re of course talking about supercar concepts. Let’s count down some of the very best.


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