2024 Geneva Motor Show preview

21st February 2024
Ethan Jupp

It’s been a full five years since we last had a good old-fashioned, fully-fledged Geneva Motor Show. Once seen as the only place to debut your high-performance and exotic metal, Geneva famously acquiesced just days before opening in 2020, staring down the barrel of that world event. Now, it’s back, but it looks a lot different in 2024 to when we last saw it in 2019. So here’s everything you need to know about the 2024 Geneva Motor Show.


What manufacturers will be at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show?


The biggest debut from a western perspective at the 2024 Geneva Motors Show will be the new Renault 5. The long-promised, retro-inspired EV from Renault is finally making an appearance in production-ready form and is expected to offer usable range at a semi-affordable price along with its retro-futuristic good looks. 

Renault will obviously be out in force with a few other cars from its current lineup and maybe a few surprise concepts. 


Dacia will be there too, we expect with its new Sandrider Dakar challenger with which Sebastien Loéb will be challenging for glory next year. 

On the other end of the scale, it’s hoped Dacia will debut its newly-updated Spring, that’s due to make waves in the bargain EV segment when it finally goes on sale in the UK.


American EV disruptor Lucid will also be present at Geneva showing off its stunning Air super luxury saloon, along with, potentially, it’s new Gravity lux-barge SUV.


MG and IM

As far as other fairly well-known brands making an appearance, MG will be there with the all-new MG 3 debuting at the show. It will join its pleasing lineup of affordable family cars as well as its new Cyberster sportscar.

Indeed, MG is going all in at Geneva this year, choosing it as not only as the venue to debut its new MG 3, but a whole new sub brand. IM stands for Intelligent Mobility and will debut at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show with the IM L6 Saloon. Designed as a premium pure electric saloon trading on bleeding-edge tech and services. It’ll be properly rapid so MG says, getting to 62mph in under three seconds and delivering 600km of range if using a Li-Ion battery, or 800km using… get this… a solid state battery. This could be a very exciting one.

BYD and Yangwang

MG, famously under Chinese ownership, will be joined by a big Chinese marque growing in notoriety in the UK. BYD, like it or lump it, is making waves with some seriously interesting product while spending serious money to an end of making an impact. 

That, seemingly, includes a big presence at Geneva. That presence will involve the debut of its first non-EV, plug-in hybrid offering, the Seal U, and indeed its Yangwang sub-brand and its Defender-rivalling U8 EV SUV.


Will Geneva 2024 have any new supercars?

Time once was that Geneva was the place to see the wraps pulled off a new supercar. It may yet be again but 2024 will not be the year for it.

Pininfarina Automobili will be present, so the Battista will be on-stand along with its Pura Vision Prototype. We might get a few glimpses at one of the models slated to come from the designer-turned-manufacturer. 

Boutique, restomod and future mobility

Likewise there will be a couple of interesting boutique marques that specialise in the restoration or reinvention of classic models. Our friends at Kimera will be at Geneva to reveal the Evo38, while Totem and Erreerre Furioserie will be there to show off their modernised classic Alfa-influenced/based machinery.

On the other end of the scale will be some cool miniature motorised vehicles that fall under the Quadricycle category. Microlino, which is set to make a market debut in the UK this year, will be there, along with Silence and its S04. Look out Citroen Ami…


Notable absentees from the 2024 Geneva Motor Show

But no, the successor to the Lamborghini Huracan will not be revealed at Geneva 2024. Nor will the successor to the LaFerrari, or the Ferrari 812 Superfast. All of these will succeed cars that got their reveals on a Geneva show floor at some point when they’re revealed at some point in 2024. We’re not expecting to see any of the big Brits like McLaren, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover or Lotus.

Of course supercar stalwarts of the show of the last 25 years, Pagani, Koenigsegg and Bugatti won’t be about to reveal their latest and greatest hypercars. The former two are already out in the open and being delivered, while Bugatti toils away behind the scenes to prepare its hybrid Chiron successor. We expect to see that in some form at some point this year, but not at Geneva…

In fact, a number of manufacturers have made a point to declare that they will not be on the floor at the Geneva Motor Show in 2024. These include the big three Germans, BMW, Mercedes and Audi, as well as high-performance outlier Porsche. If you bore witness to the square footage some of these marques covered at Geneva Shows gone by, their absence really is astounding.

And joining them in abstaining will be Stellantis and its enormous stable of brands, along with General Motors and Ford.

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