Video: New manual BMW M4 thrashed on track

30th June 2020
Ben Miles

Here is the new BMW M4 in action on track and here’s two reasons to rejoice: firstly it’s a manual, and secondly it’s being ragged not around the Nordschleife for once, but around another, less well frequented, gem of a German circuit – the Sachsenring.

The Sachsenring is the home of Germany’s MotoGP round, but then not a whole lot else, and that is a massive shame, because it’s great. The first half is all flowing down- and uphill curves before the second is a flat out blast through the German countryside.

But you don’t care about the Sachsenring, you want to hear about the car. Well, to put it simply, there’s not an awful lot to say, other than that it will definitely come with a clutch pedal as an option, that the aero-tuned wing mirrors of the previous edition are back (and have, if anything, got even more extreme), that it sounds good and goes like stink.

We can’t tell you who the driver is, but he’s also very good, hustling the M4 around the Sachsenring with what looks like consummate ease, until you look up from his hands and realise we’re going unspeakably fast. The greatest part of the video, though, is the fact that we’ve got a pedal cam, next to some slightly questionable, Year 10 project graphics. This shows exactly how well proportioned the new M4’s pedals seem to be for proper driving, as our skilled chauffeur is heel and toeing at every available opportunity. It’s an awesome ride, and makes us quite excited for the new M4. To be honest, this looks exciting enough that we might even forget the giant grille of the new 4 Series.

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Video: New manual BMW M4 thrashed on track

30th June 2020



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