Self-sufficient CyberTrailer is the ultimate Cybertruck accessory

19th May 2024
Russell Campbell

Living Vehicle has built what could be the ultimate Cybertruck accessory - a completely self-sufficient caravan called the CyberTrailer that promises 'freedom from utility connections'.


The CyberTrailer is not just any caravan, it's a companion designed specifically for the Cybertruck. Its stainless steel finish and low-polygon shape are the perfect match for the Cybertruck. There is no word yet on whether Living Vehicle has perfected the razor-sharp edges, inch-wide panel gaps, and tyre-busting wheel trims of Elon's latest creation, but let's hope not.

The CyberTrailer is not just a caravan; it's a self-sufficient home. It claims to be 100 per cent solar powered – though probably not in the depths of a Scottish winter – and can be used to recharge your Cybertruck, which is convenient because the Tesla's towing range is just 90 miles with a 5,000kg max load. Off-grid living is promised by the CyberTrailer's ability to produce its own water via recycling (er, no thanks) or Air Creation (better).


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Many of the CyberTrailer's functions can be controlled via an iPad. It has a fold-out patio entrance and a gear-hauler ramp. And the price? It's $175,000 or £138,000 of your Pounds Sterling, although you can secure your place on the waiting list for a refundable 200 dollars. First deliveries are expected next year.

Images courtesy of Living Vehicle and Tesla

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