Tesla Cybertruck recalled for sticky accelerator woes

22nd April 2024
Russell Campbell

Tesla has recalled all Cybertrucks built between November 2023 and April 2024 because the accelerator can stick at full throttle – suboptimal in a 3,000kg truck that can accelerate from 0-62mph in 2.7 seconds.


Like the waiting room for an inhalant anonymous session, glue is the problem. More specifically the pad on the accelerator can become dislodged, leaving a tacky residue that grips the trim under the dashboard leaving the throttle pedal wide open (and your sphincter firmly closed).

Tesla said: “If the pad on the accelerator pedal becomes trapped in the interior trim above the pedal, the performance and operation of the pedal will be affected, which may [slightly underplaying it] increase the risk of a collision.


“Note that application of the brake pedal will cut drive torque, including when both brake and accelerator pedals are pressed, and continued application of the brake pedal will bring the vehicle to a stop as quickly as if the accelerator pedal was not pressed.”

The issue is the latest in a long list of problems covering everything from body corrosion to Tesla-killing car washes and a ‘frunk’ lid – christened the Cyberguillotine – that can take your fingers off because Tesla didn’t fit anti-pinch sensors.

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