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Updated: JUN 10th 2020

Dan Trent

The 10 best investment cars of 2020

Your view of buying cars for investment purposes likely depends on whether you’re in a position to benefit from it or not. Porsche is a master of this in terms of new cars, micro-managing supplies of its sought-after specials like 911 GT3s and Cayman GT4s to fortunate customers able to buy them at list price and then sell on for a tidy profit soon after. Which is infuriating for those obliged to then line the pockets of the dreaded flippers.

Outside of the rat-race for new cars it’s perhaps more fun to look at older ones and speculate on which might represent a fun ownership proposition and also a safe place to have your money while you do so. These aren’t the blue-chip investment classics beloved of the chino-wearing auction crowd, more the kind of cars you can buy and enjoy on vaguely real-world money without fear of losing too much of it in the process. Here are some we’d be tempted to take a punt on.


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