The Porsche 911 is now available as a hybrid

27th May 2024
Simon Ostler

The 992.2 represents a huge new dawn for the Porsche 911. A mid-life facelift it may be, but this update is far more than just skin deep, because the new Carrera GTS is the first 911 to feature a hybrid powertrain.


Let’s start there, because this is big news. The Porsche 911, a sportscar made famous by its flat-six, has ripped up the rulebook and combined it with an electric motor. It’s a 3.6-litre engine that incorporates a pair of electric motors – one in the turbo and one in the transmission. The first of these is positioned between the compressor and turbine inside the turbocharger to instantaneously bring it up to speed for immediate boost pressure. It’ll also generate 15PS (11kW) of electric power. This new ‘T-Hybrid’ system allows for the use of only a single turbo on the engine.

A second electric motor has been integrated into the PDK transmission to develop up to 150Nm (111lb ft) of torque and another 54PS (40kW) of power. Both motors are linked to a 400-volt battery that can store up to 1.9kWh.

Thanks to all these new electrical addendums the size and weight of the engine itself has been reduced. Bore and stroke have both been increased to allow for that 0.6-litre increase in displacement and, even without the additional electrical assistance, it produces 485PS (357kW) and 570Nm (420lb ft) of torque. Factor in the full hybrid powertrain and those figures jump to 541PS (398kW) and 610Nm (450lb ft).


The result is sure to be alarming, official figures see the new Porsche 911 Carrera GTS sprint from 0-62mph in 3.0 seconds (that’s 0.4 seconds quicker than the previous GTS) on the way to a 194mph top speed. All the while it’ll be more efficient, while only gaining 50kg in weight, pushing the new GTS up to somewhere around 1,600kg.

Taking a look at the rest of the range, the standard Carrera retains the 3.0-litre flat-six, although it has also undergone a substantial revamp. It has received the intercooler from the Turbo models, while turbos themselves were previously reserved only for the GTS. The result is a bump in power to 394PS (290kW) and torque to 450Nm (332lb ft) and a 0-62 time of 4.1 seconds, or 3.9 seconds with the Sport Chrono package.


Porsche 911 992.2 suspension upgrades

Away from engines, the 911 Carrera GTS has also received a host of chassis upgrades. We’ll try to keep the acronyms to a minimum, but the list includes Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC), and anti-roll stabilisation system that has been integrated into the hybrid system to better manage the control of the chassis response.

There’s also sports suspension and variable dampers (PASM), while ride height has been lowered by 10mm. Rear-wheel steering is now available as standard for increased stability at higher speeds, but also a reduced turning circle in those tight and tricky situations.

The GTS takes 21-inch wheels at the rear, and 20-inchers at the front with a wider footprint than before, helping to improve cornering grip and traction.


Porsche 911 992.2 exterior updates

On the outside, Porsche has made tweaks to the headlights and bumpers, which are now all model-specific for the 911. A clever new active cooling setup can direct more or less air into required areas to achieve a balance between performance and aerodynamic gains.

The rear end has been redesigned with an updated light signature and new rear grille. There’s also a new standard exhaust system for the Carrera GTS alongside an optional sports exhaust for the Carrera.

If you are looking for more extravagant styling, an optional aero kit (priced at £2,342) will add a bold front spoiler, side sills and a fixed rear wing which all provide a performance benefit.


Porsche 911 992.2 interior and tech updates

Big changes inside are focused on the new 12.6-inch digital instrument cluster. It’s customisable, with up to seven display options including a 911-exclusive ‘Classic’ setting. This new screen is set alongside a 10.9-inch infotainment screen which has also been under the knife. Customisability has been revamped, as has the operation of things like driver assistance systems and drive modes.

Connectivity has been a big focus, with streamlined logins for Porsche ID and a deeper integration of Apple CarPlay, which can also be incorporated into the instrument display. You can also now stream video while parked, while Porsche’s own platform can run the likes of Spotify and Apple Music without the need for a smartphone.

Porsche 911 992.2 pricing

Pricing for the new Porsche 911 starts from £99,800 for the Carrera, rising to £132,600 for the Carrera GTS. Deliveries are expected to begin in late summer for the Carrera, and later in the year for the Carrera GTS.

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