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Updated: JUN 04th 2020

Henry Biggs

The Six Best Sci‑Fi film cars

Science fiction was one of the earliest genres created for the new-fangled art of moving pictures, the first example being A Trip to the Moon by French director Georges Méliès in 1902 which he followed two years’ later with The Impossible Voyage. An illusionist, Méliès effectively created the discipline of special effects which continued into the CGI age of the summer sci-fi blockbuster.

Which, coincidentally, was around the time manufacturers realised that sci-fi blockbusters were a perfect opportunity to showcase a concept too absurd for a motor show appearance – looking at you Minority Report Lexus and I, Robot Audi RSQ – but we prefer the real deals that sprang from the soaring imaginations of concept artists and set designers.

True, we still haven’t got our flying cars or hoverboards – and likely never will – but jetpacks might be a possibility and that doesn’t stop us dreaming of a day when we can say, ‘Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads’.


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