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JAN 10th 2020

Gary Axon

14 cars that are 50 years old in 2020 – Axon's Automotive Anorak

Happy New Year, and a very Happy New Decade too! So, it’s 2020 and the 21st century’s second decade already; a year and decade that promise considerable changes in the type and style of cars we drive (or maybe autonomously self-drive us), with the eventual phasing out and demise of the internal combustion engine and the growth of electric power – whether we like it or not, given the latter’s questionable ‘green’ credentials.

Half a century ago the motoring world was a very different proposition, with a wealth of optimistic, exciting and influential new models being launched in 1970; from a pioneering ‘luxury’ 4x4 (or SUV as we know called them), a couple of truly remarkable family cars (plus some quite unremarkable British contributions), a pair of space-age GT coupes, an open-top tourer, two affordable coupes, a laughable attempt at an American economy car, plus a zany three-wheeler.

Here are 14 new car models that made their global debuts in 1970, some more noteworthy than others.


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