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The top 10 best-selling cars in Britain

Video: F40 vs. 512TR vs. GT‑R vs. RUF vs. NSX

We often look back at our formative years with rose tinted glasses. Nostalgia is a powerful feeling that’ll have you wishing for those days to be a reality once more. As car enthusiasts we had it good. In the UK we had a permed Jeremy Clarkson and the sultry sounds of Tiff Needell taking us through the motoring world and what would be the twilight years of the analogue car.

However, thanks to the internet, we were living a lie. We didn’t have the best motoring TV in the world. All three cans of Clarkson’s perm hairspray weren’t a match for the entertainment Japanese TV was offering. Where we’d have Tiff talking us through what made the Ferrari F40 such an icon, Japan went down the more industrial route of throwing it on a race track against a whole host of other icons… and a Toyota MR2.


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