Video: This 1,000PS Fiesta absolutely nails its hillclimb run

10th May 2024
Russell Campbell

The Ford Fiesta has developed a reputation for sweet handling that allows those taking their first steps on the motoring ladder to own a car capable of slapping a dirty great smile on their faces. Which makes it all the sadder that Ford killed its pint-sized star.

But we digress. The MK5 Fiesta was one such fine-handling small car wearing the Blue Oval badge, but if we had one criticism, it would be that the range-topping ST versions' naturally aspirated 2.0-litre Duratec didn't quite have the muscle needed to test the Fiesta's finely tuned chassis. 

Thankfully the hillclimb world has a solution, comprising five-cylinders. 

If there's one thing Stian Hafsengen's Ford Fiesta rally car doesn't lack, it's horsepower. Its turbocharged 2.5-litre Focus RS lump produces 1,000PS (735kW), which, as you can see, is more than enough for a 1,000kg, four-wheel-drive supermini. The Fiesta's ability to hoover up the countryside appears only limited by the fleshy component plunked behind the steering wheel. 

Arching around corners in lairy four-wheel drifts that finish with a tail-kick flourish, the Fiesta sounds like it has a hyperactive weasel knocking about the engine bay as the turbocharger chirrups, shrieks and whistles above the motor's warbling backbeat. It even looks great with a customary crazy body kit, huge blistered wheel arches, snorkel air vent and whale-tail roof spoiler, the slight 'off' at the end of the video only cementing this noble machine's sense of battle-hardiness. 

Our only complaint is that Hafsengen's machine shows us just how good the much-talked-about-but-never-built Fiesta RS could have been had it come to fruition. 

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