JAN 11th 2014

Hillclimb Roadtest: Radical RXC

So what could you learn in little more than a minute? (Or occasionally a little less.)

Enter The Goodwood Hillclimb Roadtest, a new concept in car reviews based on a simple (and only slightly tongue-in-cheek) premise: the famous ribbon of tarmac that runs past Goodwood House features twisty bits, straight bits, smooth bits and bumpier bits, so driving a car briskly from the bottom to the top should tell you everything you need to know about the car in about as long as it takes to do it. (Assuming what you want to know isn’t how many golf bags will fit into the boot…)

But first you need a driver equipped for the task, and as we are Goodwood that means a racing driver. In this case British GT and Blancpain Endurance star Duncan Tappy, who takes on the challenge of the Goodwood Hillclimb as you’ve possibly never seen it before – cold, damp, and leaf-strewn tarmac, and without the hay bales and crowds of spectators. It’s all rather picturesque, no?

But we digress… Click play on the inaugural Goodwood Hillclimb Roadtest video below, featuring the amazing road-legal Radical RXC with the talented Mr Tappy at the wheel. Or in other words, a road car kitted-out to look like a GT racer and driven by a genuine GT racer kitted-out not to…

Confused? You won’t be after watching this.

For ‘unofficial’ comparative times – Check out the GRR Hillclimb Roadtest Leaderboard

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