FEB 18th 2014

Hillclimb Roadtest: Alfa Romeo 4C

Porsche and Lotus fighter puts Alfa Romeo back on track

Alfa Romeo still does – and probably always will – mean something special to enthusiasts. Perhaps it’s just the magic of the name, but when Alfa announced it would produce a car with a carbon fibre tub, a total dry kerb weight of under 900kg and 240bhp, we expected something very special indeed.

A quick call to former British Touring Car hero Anthony Reid was all we needed to find out how special. Watch the video for Anthony’s thoughts after he pitted the car against the testing Goodwood hillclimb.

We should point out that although all our Hillclimb Roadtest runs are timed (after the event from onboard camera footage), we asked Anthony not to adopt the full ‘red mist’ racing mode, and instead to go as quickly as he feels is comfortable in the conditions.

As such, the times serve as a good indication of what the car can do – and are not a scientific study into its ultimate performance. Well… that and we didn’t much fancy explaining to Alfa why we’d left a coat of Competizione Red paint on the flint wall!

For ‘unofficial’ comparative times – Check out the GRR Hillclimb Roadtest Leaderboard

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