Video: 7.0-litre V8 McLaren M8F Can-Am car monsters Goodwood Hill

10th May 2020
Seán Ward

If you’re looking for muscle you’re in luck. This is the 7.0-litre McLaren M8F Can-Am car. Wild doesn’t seem to cover it.

At the wheel is Andy Newell, a man who clearly has no fear, as he flies up the Hill at the 2016 Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard with absolute abandon. Somehow, even though the car is pretty much as wide as the track, he gets to the finish line in 51.01 seconds at 128mph. The phrase ‘no replacement for displacement’ springs to mind…

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Video: 7.0-litre V8 McLaren M8F Can-Am car monsters Goodwood Hill

10th May 2020



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