10 best photos from Sunday at 81MM

15th April 2024
Adam Wilkins

Day two of the 81st Members’ Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport was when the on-track action really hotted up. OK, we had the first races on the Saturday, but it’s on the Sunday that the programme was dominated by competition. 


And what a variety of machinery we had going head to head around the 2.3-mile Goodwood Motor Circuit. From the Edwardian-era land speed record cars of the S.F. Edge Trophy to the very latest championship-spec sidecars via Group 1 saloon cars in the Gordon Spice Trophy, a grid of Ford Mustangs and single-seaters of varying eras, there really was something for everyone.

Throughout the entire day, our army of intrepid photographers were trackside and in the paddocks to capture the action for us. We’ve flooded Goodwood Road & Racing with some stunning images over the weekend, but here’s the place we pull together some of the very best photos from day two of the 81st Members' Meeting.

Indulge with us in Can-Am cars, a two-wheeling side car, flame-spitting Mustang, a gaggle of 1960s GT cars and so much more in this gallery of the top images from Sunday.

Photography by Jochen van Cauwenberge, Pete Summers and Nick Wilkinson.

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