10 best photos from Saturday at 81MM

13th April 2024
Simon Ostler

Well it’s been quite a day here at Goodwood for the opening salvo of the 81st Members’ Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport. The action on track has been mesmerising at times, in fact we’re kind of amazed we’ve been able to get any work done here at GRR.


We’ve had the first ever showcase of sidecars at the Motor Circuit as they took to the track for the first time, and we were treated to some true heroics as these incredibly brave riders and passengers got straight to work testing the limits, and getting themselves up on two wheels time after time out of the chicane.

Over the course of the day we had every single car and bike out on track for their respective Official Practice sessions, setting grids for the races, some of which we’ve already enjoyed as the sun began to set on day one. And with the sun now setting on another wonderful day here at Goodwood, our anticipation for day two already beginning to boil over.

As we prepare to take in the frivolities of the evening party, and enjoy the customary fireworks display, we’ve taken a bit of time to look back on Members’ Meeting Saturday and pick out ten of our favourite photos. We hope you enjoy them, see you tomorrow!

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