JUL 10th 2015

Video: What's it like to drive a Williams F1 car up the hillclimb?

We’ve all dreamed of being Formula 1 drivers: living the glamorous jetsetting lifestyle and jumping into some of the most beautiful cars in the world every weekend.

Williams FW13B on board promo

But would it actually be like to be in the hot-seat of a classic F1 car at the Festival of Speed? And not just any classic F1 car, a 1990 Williams FW13B.

This brilliant video from Williams themselves allows us to go inside (or at least ride on) the helmet of development and GP2 driver Alex Lynn as he takes the FW13B up the hill (and back down again).

As we found out before FoS, the FW13B was the forerunner of some of the historic team’s most successful racers, and was piloted by Ricardo Patrese and Thierry Boutsen, with the latter managing a podium finish in Phoenix.

What the video does convey brilliantly is the simplicity of those early-’90s cars compared to their modern counterparts, all soundtracked by that glorious V10 Renault engine. Far from the modern-day array of buttons and dials, the FW13B’s steering wheel is devoid of any extra features. The car even has a proper, manual gearbox.

Someone out there clearly decided they wanted a taste of this action as the car was sold by Bonhams in its FoS sale for just over £100,000. Hopefully we’ll see it back at Goodwood one day.

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