Video: Classic Focus vs. 306 GTI battle at Thruxton

13th October 2022
James King

It’s the year 2000. Your mobile phone is indestructible, you’re driving to Blockbuster to rent ‘Mars Attacks!’ on DVD and your daily driver doesn’t have an iPad slammed in the centre console. It’s a little bit anxiety-inducing to think that this is more than 20 years ago, but unfortunately that is the reality.

One of the aspects of that era that I think has been lost somewhat in recent years, is the average Joe turning on the TV and seeing the car they have parked outside getting raced around the likes of Thruxton. A prime example of that is the 2000 National Saloon Championship where the cars battling, other than some strong liveries, looked exactly like the road car. Other than the rather rare Honda Integra at the start of this video, you’re thrown into the action with what looks like a bog-standard Mk1 Ford Focus wrestling with a Peugeot 306 GTI-6. Two cars that were actually attainable to motorway salesman.

This is swiftly followed by a battle that’s about as ‘00s as it gets as the Proton Satria GTi navigates its way by an older Integra through the chicane. A sight that’ll no doubt prompt the Proton owner’s motto ‘that’ll be the Lotus handling.’

Those days are long gone, but the enthusiasm for the era is still strong. Proof of this is the market for late ‘90s and early ‘00s cars like the 306 GTI-6 continuing to rise. Are you an owner of a ‘90s saloon? Let us know in the comments and bonus if you can provide a picture.

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