BMW M4 GT3 EVO debuts at Nürburgring

30th May 2024
Rachel Roberts

BMW has presented a new EVO version of its M4 GT3 at the Nürburgring, ahead of the 24-hour race at the iconic track on the 1st June. It's expected to sit alongside an EVO version of the M4 GT4 model due to arrive in 2025.


The M4 GT3 has achieved plenty of success in endurance racing, including a win at this season's 6 Hours of Imola in April, and has so far taken four out of five victories in the GT World Challenge Europe. It’s with that racing experience in mind that the M4 GT3 has been updated – refined rather than redesigned. BMW engineers worked alongside the race team and test drivers Jens Klingmann, Bruno Spengler, and Augusto Farfus to fine tune the car, making improvements to the drivability, efficiency, and reliability.

On the process of developing the M4 GT3, Klingmann said: “Our conviction is that several small steps also make a big step. The car is already very strong, but I am sure that we could make it even better in its EVO version. The more gentle handling of the tyres and brakes will especially help a lot at the end of a stint in the race.”


A look at the specs reveals a 3.0-litre straight-six M TwinPower turbo engine capable of producing 590PS (434kW). Aerodynamic efficiency has been improved thanks to an altered adjustment range of the rear wing, smaller aero mirrors, and larger air outlets on the front wheel arches.

Improvements to the drivability are delivered through a finer and easier to adjust differential, while the brake disks are now larger at the rear, up to 380mm, and new anti-roll bars have been added on the front and rear axles.

Changes to the chassis mean that instead of sticking with traditional paint, the M4 has instead been coated with a lighter, cathodic dip coating. The “Inception” design means that from different perspectives, you can see the colours of the M logo appear in their light blue, dark blue, and red order, in pixel-like dimensions. BMW says the design “integrates the themes of digitality and dimensionality into a bold, high-contrast mosaic.”


Amid all the colour, there is a matte black portion of bodywork ahead of the driver that’s meant to help direct their focus forwards, and these darker parts of the livery are also without foil, saving weight while also showing the carbon-fibre underneath.

Andreas Roos, Head of BMW M Motorsport, said: “The BMW M4 GT3 has achieved more than 70 victories and countless major successes since its introduction. I am convinced that the EVO model of the BMW M4 GT3, as well as that of the BMW M4 GT4, will contribute to playing in the first league of GT racing in the coming years and celebrating many more great victories.”

Pricing for the BMW M4 GT3 EVO is marked at €578,000 or £491,800, with it expected to be in race action from the 2025 season. 

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