Pagani sim rig helps owners prepare for Huayra R track days

27th March 2024
Ethan Jupp

Sim racing is incredibly useful in terms of building up familiarity with a track, learning lines and marker points, denoting braking zones and turn in points. It’s a commonly-used tool for everyone from casual track day enthusiasts, to F1 racers. Now, Pagani is taking it to the next level, collaborating with Racing Unleashed to offer a bespoke rig exclusively to its Huayra R owners, to help them prepare for one of the marque’s Arte en Pista track events.


Being a Pagani product, you won’t be surprised to learn that it isn’t just a gaming PC, a monitor, a Logitech and a Recaro seat suspended from scaffolding. This thing makes Darren Turner and Aston Martin’s sim rig look restrained, with flowing contoured carbon bodywork and the finest materials you’d ordinarily see in the marque’s cars ensconcing the system. There’s a wheel from the Huayra R, as well as its pedals, seat and belts.

Each rig’s ‘body’ will also be matched to the owner’s car and comes kitted out with Pagani Hi-Fi system audio, which is of course also incredibly artistic and stunning to behold.

Technically speaking it’s got all the bells and whistles, too, with motion elements allowing for pitch, roll and yaw simulation. As for the car model inside the software, the sounds have been meticulously recorded both trackside and onboard, with the audio system of the rig designed to transmit as real a Huayra R sound experience as possible. Pagani V12-R engine in your living room? Yes please.


“At Racing Unleashed we aim to provide the most engaging experiences to motorsport fans around the world,” said Francisco Fernandez, CEO at Racing Unleashed.

“Today, we are delighted to announce this partnership with Pagani to showcase our advanced technology with the goal not only to entertain but to improve driving skills as well.”

So, can we have one? Well, Pagani’s release says they’re ‘initially exclusively available to Huayra R owners’. That ‘initially’ says to us that there’s room for others thereafter, should demand be there. You can imagine, however, that a Pagani-spec sim rig will probably cost as much as an entire real-life McLaren. We *desperately* want a go…

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