APR 29th 2015

Red, yellow or green sir? GRR designs the 'perfect' 488 GTB

We already know the 458’s rapidly approaching replacement has 100hp more than the outgoing Italia and, thanks to snazzy active aero, produces the same downforce with less drag. But all this information is of little importance compared to the burning question – what is our car going to look like? So GRR headed to the internet to play with the settings on our new Ferrari 488 GTB.

Online configurators are hardly new, and Ferrari’s latest installation won’t actually tell you how much your ideal car is, but it’s always fun to see how many carbon fibre inserts you can throw onto the latest supercar. And for some cheeky scamps, to find out what the worst possible 488 might look like. Of course here at GRR we’d never be that unruly…

Bright red Ferrari? Yellow? A bit old hat these days, so we’ve gone for the deep, Scozia blue, just one of 26 possible hues for your 488 and listed under the ‘Historical’ section. Whisper it, but you can even have the Italian stallion in British racing green. 


Below there are six potential wheel choices to be had, and we’ve chosen a rather fetching set of grey 10-spokes – and of course, positioned some lurid red calipers beneath. To top it off you can select Ferrari badges on the wings. Did we? Of course…

From here on we’ll leave the options up to you, but suffice to say you can decorate almost every surface with carbon should you wish, and there are even five different types of seat to cosset your behind.


Once you’ve worked your way through everything (black interior, alcantara wheel, bright yellow dials), you can download a PDF to show your friends what your pride and joy will look like. There’s even a button to invite a contact from your local Ferrari dealer, so they can talk you through your creation. Just make sure you’re sitting down when the cost of all your carbon options have been totted up…

So, what’s your ideal spec’?

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