AUG 24th 2015

Video: Time‑Lapse footage of 2016 Ford GT

Funny how things work out sometimes isn’t it? After we returned to Goodwood from shooting the sensational 2016 Ford GT in central London last month, we’d forgotten until a few days ago that – just for a giggle – we’d left a few action cameras rolling in the studio while we worked.

Ford GT gallery promo

The impending 2015 Revival meeting has been keeping us rather busy since then and so it wasn’t until we carried out a check of all our equipment that we noticed the footage we’d gathered. Inspired, our very own Ben Miles feverishly set about making something out of the time-lapse footage and has come up with this clip.

As you can imagine the Ford was in great demand. Look closely at the start and you can see Alex Goy and the XCAR crew hard at work putting together the fine film you can see here:

Look even closer a bit later on and you can see us grabbing a spot of lunch while we work! Prizes available if you can tell what we were eating (no prizes, ed)

Editing: Ben Miles

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