FEB 18th 2016

Geneva 2016: Volvo's Vast New V90 Estate Meets The Ancestors

Estate cars might not be what they once were – the new wave of SUVs has seen to that – but there’s one that is more institution than mere estate, and carries on regardless. Of course, the big Volvo estate.

Alpine Vision Concept Promo

Now for the Geneva show this year there’s a brand spanking new one, the V90, seen here for the first time prior to its world premiere on 1 March.

Sweden’s new wagon is based on the almost equally new S90 luxury sedan, using underpinnings that also sired the latest XC90. From the front especially, the V90 gets a strong family resemblance to both. And from the rear? It’s out on its own there with its sharply angled lights and beefy new tailgate design.

Overall the V90 appears longer, lower and stronger – and with expected traditional Volvo estate room and functionality inside should tick all the boxes for those who eschew sitting a foot higher than they need to in an SUV.

Volvo V90 Location 3/4 Rear

All of which should make it an ideal lifestyle choice, something of course the Volvo estate has majored on since the firm first came up with the idea of a capacious two-box passenger car in the form of the Duett in 1953.

Since then there have been lots of Volvo estates, and lots of different lifestyles to judge by the gallery of press pictures from the past that Volvo has collated to mark the new car’s arrival.

So as well as the new car, enjoy this pictorial look back at Volvo’s estate heritage and how the cars were launched in the past. Anyone for tennis? (or sailing, or golf, or fly fishing, or photography… or motor racing).

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