Video: Range Rover Royalty | Kingsley Re-Engineered | Goodwood Masters

06th February 2024
Simon Ostler

There’s no two ways about it, the Range Rover has become a staple of modern motoring. First launched in 1970 and produced right through until 1996, the original ‘Classic’ Range Rover was designed to be rough, rugged and dependable. But nobody knew then, that drivers would still be hankering to drive them more than 50 years later, so decidedly less thought was put into how these cars would fair later in life.

That’s where Kingsley Re-Engineered comes in. In this episode of Goodwood Masters powered by Motul, a family business based in Oxford that has become a global expert in the restoration and refurbishment of Classic Range Rovers. For more than 20 years, the Kingsley workshop has specialised in not only restoring but drastically improving hundreds of Range Rovers that would otherwise have been reduced to scrap.

From suspension overhauls to engine tune-ups, technology revamps and bodywork rebuilds, the re-engineered Range Rovers that Kingsley produces are everything we know and love about the original cars, but delivered to the standard you would expect if they were built in 2024.

In the words of founder, Damon Oorloff, “we’re trying to give [customers] something they’re going to cherish for the rest of their life.” The goal is to produce Range Rovers that are better in every way than the originals that first sold in the 1970s, better to drive, more comfortable, more durable and more efficient, without losing any of the charm and style that have made them such icons today.

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Video: Range Rover Royalty | Kingsley Re-Engineered | Goodwood Masters

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