Video: Group B returns to the road | Kimera Automobili | Goodwood Masters

30th January 2024
Simon Ostler

Tucked away in the countryside of Northern Italy, a retired Italian rally driver by the name of Luca Betti is quietly undertaking God’s work. He’s the founder and CEO of a small car manufacturer called Kimera Automobili, and might just be the man behind the coolest car on the planet.

A contracted Honda driver in 2007, Betti suffered the same fate as several other racers in 2009 when Honda pulled the plug on its motorsport activities. While the F1 team was the headline, famously sold to Ross Brawn for £1, the effects were felt throughout the motorsport world, and Betti himself was forced into drastic measures. He formed his own racing team, Kimera.

Over the next few years, he ran cars for Red Bull, Ford and Peugeot, but also expanded the organisation into the restoration of vintage racing cars, specifically historic rally cars. As an Italian driver with an Italian company, there was only one option on the table: Lancia.

Inspired by Singer, and its re-imaginings of classic Porsches, Betti and his team at Kimera turned their attention to conceptualising a reimagining of the Lancia 037. What they came up with is pure perfection.

Betti refers to the Kimera EVO37 as an ‘Autentica Evoluzione’, a faithful progression of the Lancia ethos behind the original car, created with passion and respect for the 037. The look and feel of the Kimera might be fresh and new, but this has been carried out with meticulous attention to detail not just for the look of the car, but also the soul of what made the original so special.

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Video: Group B returns to the road | Kimera Automobili | Goodwood Masters

30th January


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