How to watch the 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed

08th July 2024
Ben Miles

The 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard is this very weekend and, even if you’ve not managed to get your hands on a ticket, every single second will be streamed live for you to watch.

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What channels will the 2024 Festival of Speed be streamed on?

The first place to look should be right here on GRR, where we will have three separate live feeds, the details of which we will come to later.

If that’s not your first destination, we would direct you to our YouTube channel, where we will be running one single live feed that starts on Thursday morning and ends after the event.

Finally, you will be able to watch the feed on both our Twitch channel and all three of Goodwood’s motorsport Facebook pages. This will be split into batches due to the way that Facebook streams work, but will still show the whole event in full.

What other streams are there of FOS 2024?

Two extra streams will be available to all. These are not new, but 2024 is the first year that both will be available to all and not exclusive to our GRRC community.

First, the whole Rally Stage will be live here on GRR. That kicks off on Friday morning, rather than Thursday, but runs on all three days from then on. This year we will have an incredible array of modern and classic rally cars on our Forest Rally stage for those who prefer their action off road.

The second extra feed, again only to be found here on GRR, is a no commentary version of the main Hill feed. That allows those who would prefer to just hear the sound of the engines rather than commentary.

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2024 Festival of Speed Live Stream

Watch now

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Will the feeds be available after FOS?

Yes. Not immediately, but all days of the event will be uploaded in the following weeks to GRR and our YouTube channel.

Will the Festival of Speed be on TV?

Yes. The Festival of Speed will be broadcast live on Sky Sports F1 twice over the weekend, once on Saturday once on Sunday. The stream begins at 14:00 on the Saturday and 15:00 on Sunday, and both sections will run for two hours.

There will also be TV highlights programmes, the times of which will follow here.

Can I watch any more FOS content?

Yes. As usual we will have plenty of highlights and videos from the event across all our channels, X, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and here on GRR. You’ll be able to see all the new car debuts, F1 runs, and more.

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What time does the live stream start?

Thursday: 8.55am

Friday: 8.30am

Saturday: 8.30am

Sunday: 8.30am

When is the Timed Shootout broadcast?

The 2024 Festival of Speed Timed Shootout begins at 15:00 on Sunday. Qualifying will take place at 14:50 on Saturday.


Photography courtesy of Jordan Butters.

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