Lanzante TAG Championship to make FOS 2024 global debut

06th June 2024
Ethan Jupp

Lanzante’s TAG Turbos have been trickling out the factory for a couple of years, and now the run is reaching a crescendo. Called the TAG Championship, it will be one of just three Lanzante-built TAG-powered 930s, in addition to the 11 originals. Each will be a celebration of one of McLaren’s hat tricks of Formula 1 drivers’ championship victories, from 1984, 1985, and 1986. The first will make its debut at the 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard.


As if it were possible, the Championship goes more extreme, with more power, more revs, and less weight. Lanzante calls it a ‘further enhancement’ of the standard car, as if a Porsche 930 with an F1 car engine can be called standard.

The engines have obviously been given the once-over by Lanzante with McLaren’s blessing before installation in a road car for road use. They feature new pistons, con rods, valves, valve springs, cams, and titanium turbos. Obviously, the inlet and exhaust system, along with the cooling has been revised, too, for fitment to the back of a 911 as opposed forming part of the structure of an F1 car. 

As we know, these F1 engines are virtually bursting out the back of these TAG Turbos even after being optimised and redesigned. Making the whole package work together is an all-new ECU from Cosworth. Power overall is up from 500PS (368kW) with a rev limit of 9,000rpm, to 625PS (460kW) and a rev limit of up to 10,250rpm. Struth…


Weight is down to 920kg without fuel and driver, thanks to carbon bodywork, magnesium-carbon wheels from Dymag, carbon seats, binned electric windows, a revised wiring loom, and revised climate control. Lanzante says the Championship is 430kg lighter than the standard Porsche 930 on which it’s based, with, we’ll remind you - well over twice the power. It should come as no surprise then that this is a 200mph car which should also make buyers thankful that it comes with an all new bespoke full carbon ceramic braking system.

The car pictured is Championship 85 and uses an engine that raced across 1984, ‘85 and ‘86. It was driven to two podiums by Alain Prost in 1985, fortifying his charge to his eventual championship – the first of four the Frenchman would claim.


Design wise it is of course all chin, for downforce and cooling, and all hips, to house those 25-section rear tyres. It’s actually very 3.0 RSR-esque in that sense, albeit with a much bluffer nose and obviously, the Turbo bumper, now carbon instead of rubber. The whale from which this tail was taken has obviously been on steroids, too. The Marlboro-inspired red and white livery glazes the curves of a roided-out Porsche 930 very nicely indeed. 

We’re excited to see the car in the metal (or carbon) at the 2024 Festival of Speed, where as above, the car will be making its worldwide debut. What an utterly spectacular and monstrous thing, and a fully fitting celebration of the excess and glory of F1’s first turbo era.

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  • Porsche 935 Lanzante Festival of Speed MAIN.jpg

    Festival of Speed

    Two road-going Porsche 935s on display with Lanzante at the Festival of Speed

  • stefan-johansson-porsche-tag-turbo-festival-of-speed-2023-main.jpg

    Festival of Speed

    Stefan Johansson's Porsche TAG Turbo is an F1-engined art car

  • lanzante_porsche_fos23_goodwood_30062023_list.jpg

    Festival of Speed

    Stefan Johansson to drive his F1-engined Porsche Tag Turbo by Lanzante at Festival of Speed

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