The Cartier Style et Luxe will showcase elegance and variety in 2024

21st June 2024
Simon Ostler

Tucked away in a serene and beautiful corner of the Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard, the Cartier Style et Luxe has become a staple of Goodwood's summer garden party. A concours d’elegance that has featured at the Festival of Speed since 1995, the Cartier Lawn has for almost three decades been the backdrop for many of the world’s most exceptional cars. And it shall be so again in 2024, as Goodwood’s famous concours returns once more to host a truly stunning collection of cars.

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With more than 40 cars displayed across seven classes, this year’s Cartier Style et Luxe promises to be not only one of the most beautiful, but also one of the most varied showcases we’ve ever seen. Among the big celebrations in the class of 2024 will be that of Marcello Gandini, the legendary car designer who died in March aged 85.

Alongside that, there will be focused collections dedicated to Rolls-Royce in commemoration of the marque’s 120th anniversary, the Bugatti Type 57, celebrating that model’s 90-year anniversary, and the Pagani Zonda, which marks its 25th anniversary in 2024.

Cutting through the exotica, however, will be the contrast of two further classes showcasing vintage tractors and beach cars, as we celebrate the 60th anniversary of Meyers Manx. These will both offer a chance to experience something a little different, but no less impressive in engineering appeal. This year’s Cartier Style et Luxe will aim to highlight that beauty can be found in even the most rugged of agricultural vehicles, and also encapsulate the care-free lifestyle of alfresco motoring.


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There is going to be so much to catch your attention on the Cartier Lawn this year at the Festival of Speed. A palatial collection of Rolls-Royces will no doubt be difficult to miss, with coachwork by fabled names including Arthur Mulliner, Barker, and Willoughby. Meanwhile, absolutely everyone should spend some time to revel in the art of Gandini, firstly courtesy of his greatest Lamborghinis, the likes of the Countach, Diablo, and Miura, but also from his broader collection of work that includes the Alfa Romeo Monreal, Maserati Khamsin, and Citroen BX.

Of course, it would be remiss of us not to mention the catalogue of Pagani Zondas that will be taking up residence at Goodwood. Even at a standstill, these are some of the most dramatic and recognisable supercars in motoring history, so an opportunity to get up close and personal with not one, but many Zondas, in a variety of forms, is surely irresistible.

2024 Cartier Style et Luxe classes

  • Cultivating Classics: Best By Farm
  • Sun Tan Motion: Jolly Good Beach Cars
  • Ethereal Excellence: Rolls-Royce’s Original ‘Best Car In The World’
  • Types Of Jean-ius: Bugatti’s 57 Varieties
  • Jaw Droppers And Door Stoppers: Gandini’s Lamborghinis
  • Ruled By Design: Marcello’s Mass-terpieces
  • Pagani Pizzazz: 25 Years Of Zonda
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These cars aren’t just put on show to look pretty, though. They will all be evaluated by a team of judges who will decide winners for each class, as well as an overall concours winner. In 2023, that title went to Simon Taylor's 1937 Bentley 4.25-litre Rothschild Sedanca Coupe by Gurney Nutting.

The Cartier Style et Luxe is just one of several unmissable attractions set to stun crowds at the 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Stay tuned here on GRR to get first details on everything that will be taking place both on the Hill and off it.

Only Thursday general admission tickets remain, with Friday, Saturday and Sunday tickets now sold out, although a limited number of hospitality packages for all days are still available. Tickets and packages can be purchased from £70.

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