AUG 22nd 2014

Firing on... SIX! 1953 HWM Jaguar

Hersham & Walton Motors, or HWM, was best known for its Formula Two activities, although it did compete in two – count them! – F1 races in 1954. Having realised it was uncompetitive in F1, it returned to F2 and continued with the sports car racing it had begun with in 1953. The HWM Jaguar found some success in the hands of George Abecassis right up until 1957, sometimes beating work competition from the likes of Jaguar and Aston Martin. So few were built that they are identified by their registration marks rather than their chassis numbers.

HWM exists today as an Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo franchise, still in Walton, Surrey.

XPA 748, whose sister car competed in period in the nine-hour race at Goodwood, will be driven at Revival by Dr ‘Spike’ Milligan. He has competed at every Revival, in either this car or a Connaught A Series. We caught up with him during Revival testing for this week’s ‘Firing On…’

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