AUG 17th 2014

Super‑gallery: Monterey Reunion at Laguna Seca

Having covered the general paddock scene at Laguna Seca yesterday, here as promised is the on-track action.

Our chosen spot to watch the action was, somewhat inevitably, the fabled Corkscrew section at the back of the circuit. This gave us the option to wander along to the Rahal straight and watch the cars climb the hill before braking hard  to negotiate the  world’s most famous left-right section of track. It meant an almighty scramble up the hill to get there, but you didn’t think that GRR would go all that way and just show you the easily-shot start-finish section, did you?

If or when you find yourself out there you really do have to make the effort to watch from the same section of track. The uphill slog along the Rahal straight (which isn’t actually that straight…), followed by the braking section and then the rollercoaster-style drop into the Corkscrew exposes well the different handling, braking, and accelerating characteristics of each car. It’s magic.

Dice-of-the-day would have to go to the Ferrari 250GT and Morgan Plus 4 in the ’55-’62 GT race. The Ferrari prevailed, but not without huge pressure from the little ash-framed car in the earlier part of the race. The best noise depends on your personal taste, although onlookers seemed most thrilled by the deep, sonorous bellow of the Alfa Romeo 8C in the ’27-’51 Racing Cars battle.

In fact, everything sounded incredible, as is the case with historic motorsport. The word appears to be spreading, too, because according to the organisers the attendance at the Reunion is growing steadily year-on-year. Sadly though, for now you’ll have to imagine the glorious range of growls, cackles, burbles, and screams of the cars in our super-gallery. Enjoy!


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