SEP 19th 2014

Firing on... Eight! 1958 Lister‑Chevrolet 'Knobbly'

‘It does 70 in first‘ says vastly experienced racer, instructor, and motoring writer Roberto Giordanelli as he beams from the seat of his Lister-Chevy. The car is one of the first ordered new by Carroll Shelby and delivered to California where it won some minor races before being acquired by Al Dean of ‘Dean Van Lines’ notoriety. ‘It’s the only non-Indy car which bore the Dean Van Lines logo’ Roberto continues. ‘It was then sold-on and crashed-and-burned at Riverside after which it had a special body made for it… then it crashed and burned again!’

After this less-than wonderful start to its life the Lister was parked-up until 1969 when it was discovered and rebuilt by a Canadian dentist who, incredibly, raced it until 2011! Roberto again: ‘It was bought by JD Classics who then sold it to me since I’d been in the market for a Lister Knobbly. To be honest I wasn’t bothered whether I ended up with a Jaguar or a Chevy-engined car, but I’m actually glad that I ended up with a Chevy. Some things the Americans were really good at. All that torque! And it’s such a lovely piece of compact packaging, too.’

We caught up with Roberto in the Goodwood paddock after a day’s testing ahead of the Revival meeting. We’d seen the car earlier at a GRRC members’ car display but didn’t have the opportunity to hear it running. Judging by the way it tends to set-off car alarms (which you can see at the end of the clip) even with its big silencers fitted, that was probably a good thing!

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