JAN 12th 2015

Video: How to drive a Nissan R90CK around Le Mans

It’s worth looking past the poor quality of this 25-year old footage to watch Mark Blundell set a pole position qualifying lap for the 1990 Le Mans 24-hour. He was at the wheel of a Nissan R90CK, and the very car is due to be amongst the big showing of Group C machinery at the 73rd Members’ Meeting.


1990 was the year the chicanes were introduced on the Mulsanne Straight, and it was on this lap that Blundell recorded a top speed of 227mph – faster than any other car in qualifying and in the race.

The car usually produced around 100obhp but, with the turbo’s wastegates jammed open, it was nearer 11oobhp for much of the lap. Blundell is on record saying that the did most of the lap on reflex and felt close to a big crash for most of it. Just look at how hard he is working the wheel and you’ll have to agree with that notion!

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