Video: On the limit in a Ferrari 250 GTO

02nd May 2022
Simon Ostler

My word, Marino Franchitti is a lucky man. There are many people on this Earth that would give arms, legs and heaven knows what else for a chance to sit in this car, let alone race it at speed around the Goodwood Motor Circuit.

We do at least get this glorious chance to ride onboard with Marino as he slings this 1964-bodied 250 GTO built by Roelofs Engineering around Goodwood during the 79th Members’ Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport. Perched as we are practically on top of the Ferrari V12 engine, the sound is like nothing else, as we watch over the shoulder of a driver exhibiting supreme skill at the wheel.

The deftness with which he maintains momentum as the car slides in and out of each corner, combined with those satisfyingly crisp gear changes, makes this a ride we wish would never end. Although we can’t help but clench as things get a little too close for comfort with a Bizzarini 5300 GT around the six-minute mark.

It’s opportunities to experience action like this that make motorsport at Goodwood so special. The sight of these spectacular cars dancing with the limit at racing speeds, kicking up dust and sending it out of the chicane, will never, ever get old.

This is an excellent first-person perspective on the glorious Graham Hill Trophy, and you can watch the full race unfold here on GRR.

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