Video: This V16 Auto Union sounds absolutely savage

15th February 2024
Ethan Jupp

Grand Prix racing before Formula 1, before the Second World War, was absolutely mental. The speeds were unbelievable, the power was off the charts, the machinery was otherworldly. Or at least, that was all true for the cars that came from Germany, that were funded as an exercise in propaganda by the ruling Nazi party of the time. Is the Auto Union Type C the most obvious example of these money-crazed exercises in engineering eccentricity? Potentially. It’s certainly the last of the unlimited-capacity GP cars before limits were put in place to peg back power.

For yes, it has 16 cylinders displacing 6.0-litres and a supercharger producing 520PS (382kW), sending power to a dually rear axle. Yes, the kind of rear axle we see these days on diesel-powered American work trucks. In streamliner configuration, this was a car good for speeds in excess of 250mph. In the mid-1930s. Even in open-wheel configuration, it could top 200mph. So it’s unsurprising that accidents happened and, even back then, safety forced the restriction of these incredible cars.

This thing really could be from another universe, never mind another time period. So it’s a joy to really get up close to it, examine it, learn its secrets and, of course, hear and see it run and make all those insane noises. What a spectacular machine.

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Video: This V16 Auto Union sounds absolutely savage

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