DEC 16th 2014

Video: Is there anywhere Dougie Lampkin can't ride?

Not content with riding his Gas-Gas trials bike through both Goodwood House:


… and the Red Bull factory …

… Dougie Lampkin MBE, who has 29 various world titles to his name, has had to take the drastic measure of heading to Northern Finland to find an indoor challenge worth the effort. We imagine that he finds stately homes and factories have too much grip to properly challenge him and so to spice things up a bit he’s gone for something altogether less-tractable… ice and snow!

In the beautiful, vast tundra Mr Lampkin found a giant igloo and proceeded to do things with his bike on the snow and ice that you’d imagine were flat-out impossible. What will he ride through next? Right now you can get even odds on either the International Space Station or the Large Hadron Collider …

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