JUL 16th 2014

Video: McLaren M12GT on‑track

Our latest video sees a very special McLaren take to the track. On its way to the Cartier Style et Luxe lawn at the Festival of Speed, this gorgeous M6/M12GT dropped by with its owner, Heinz Swoboda, to have a few laps of the Goodwood circuit.

Sadly the car didn’t seem completely happy about being transported from Austria and displayed a few minor gremlins, so we didn’t get to run as many laps as we would have liked despite the efforts of Heinz and his team. However, just to have been out on the same Goodwood circuit where the car’s creator, Bruce McLaren, did so much of his development work was enough.

As you might gather from the video, the cockpit is a tight place to be with just the driver in there, never mind a six-foot-plus passenger. And with the big-block Chevy’s water pump whirring away mere centimetres behind our shoulders it got very hot, very quickly.

Did I care? Nope…

After watching the video, why not check out this gallery of the M12 on the Cartier lawn?

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