APR 10th 2015

Firing on... EIGHT! Noble M600 at the Goodwood Spring Sprint

If you saw the timed supercar shoot-out at Festival of Speed last year, you’ll have witnessed this Noble M600 scorching up the hillclimb in the hands of Anthony Reid. Officially second in the 2014 Supercar Shoot-out, Anthony reckons he, the Noble and the FoS Hillclimb have unfinished business… 

Meanwhile, Anthony brought the M600 to the GRRC Spring Sprint here at the Circuit last weekend where co-incidentally he came second in class again to a pesky Nissan GT-R – the latter running some super sticky tyres which upset the balance of probabilities a little. You can see on-board footage from one of Antony’s run here.

And the car? With 650bhp generated by the 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 and the ability to sprint to over 200mph, Anthony describes it as a ‘real racing drivers car’.

‘It talks to you,’ he says. ‘It’s very analogue and if it starts sliding it’s very predictable. Lots of fun.’

He looked to be having ‘lots of fun’ when we saw him…


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