SEP 28th 2015

Video: How to drive... a Porsche 919 around COTA in the dark

With all the incredible on board action we’ve posted from Revival (and have still lined up, ed) it’s easy to forget that modern motorsport is still going on in the rest of the world. But when we at GRR spotted this amazing footage from the Lone Star Le Mans event in Texas we felt we had to share it with you.


Before the Revival we shared with you an awesome clip of F1 racer, and now Le Mans winner, Nico Hulkenberg blasting down the famous straights of La Sarthe, which showcased the incredible power of the latest generation of LMP1 prototypes.

Today we offer up another ride in a Porsche 919, but this time with sportscar regular, and all around rapid-guy, Timo Bernhard, in the car he shares with former F1 star Mark Webber.

The setting is the Circuit of the Americas, which was built in 2012 to become just the latest in a long list of amazing road courses that litter the countryside of the United States of America. While it was built to host F1, the circuit now must be as famous for holding the US’s round of the engrossing World Endurance Championship. A round it shares in an incredible double-header format with the Tudor United Sports Car Championship.

Timo Berhnard Porsche 919 COTA

Partly-designed by Hermann Tilke (yes, him) it has to be one of the best circuits constructed inside the last 20 years, a fact that could be attributed to two things: firstly the amazing elevation changes (an incredible 133ft), and secondly the fact that many of the corners were inspired by some of the best already in use at other circuits.

That allows Bernhard to show us the Porsche 919’s full array of amazing abilities. Not just its hybrid-boosted acceleration (thanks to the innovative V4 power unit and two hybrid systems together producing over 1,000bhp) but also the F1-beating levels of downforce it creates.

That’s a heady mix that means that even in daylight the speed at which the 919 dispatches not only the circuit, but also a slower GT car, is almost unbelievable. Set it all at night and it just becomes jaw-dropping. All wrapped up by the soundtrack of that distinctive V4 and the whine of those powerful electric motors.

Enjoy the video, and don’t forget you can see the Le Mans winning car’s appearance at this year’s Festival of Speed right here on GRR.

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