Video: The Gran Turismo movie trailer is a bit weird

05th January 2023
Ben Miles

Yes, there is going to be a movie based on Gran Turismo. It’s been in production for a little while now. And no, it’s not some small-budget YouTube special that you’ll never see, this one stars David Harbour and Orlando Bloom. Hellboy and Legolas in a film about Gran Turismo. Who’d have thought it.

Normally a teaser trailer for a film shows you at least a bit of the film itself, but this one, well, it doesn’t. Which might be a worrying sign. The first thing we see of the Gran Turismo movie, which is named – incredibly creatively – ‘Gran Turismo’, is three of its stars telling us how good it’s definitely going to be.

What we can tell is that Gran Turismo follows the real-life story of Jann Mardenborough – who really did go from playing GT on his PS3 to racing at Le Mans thanks to the GT Academy scheme. Mardenborough is now a simulator driver in Formula E. But, plot-wise, there’s very little else to go on.

We can also see that it’s been filmed from angles that will make it look like one of the GT games – including a pretty snazzy rear above shot on a rather funky camera arm and some weirdly slow moving low down shots of LMP3 cars. And that they are hoping to make it sound like actual motorsport. Bloom for example gets very excited about "body vibrating" sound, while Harbour is wild about "badass race cars". We’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that, but given it includes the iconic GT countdown sounds, it'll certainly sound like the game. 

And, well, that’s it. We did hope for a little bit more, maybe something that would assuage our concerns that Gran Turismo the game has no plot so how will Gran Turismo the movie have one. And Orlando Bloom doesn’t exactly sound like he cares that much about what he’s talking about – worrying for an actor. But hey, who knows. It could be good.

It can’t be as bad as the World of Warcraft movie right….. right?

When is the Gran Turismo Movie release date?

Currently it's set to come out on 11th August 2023, we don't know if that's worldwide.

Who is in the Gran Turismo Movie?

David Harbour and Orlando Bloom are the big names, playing Mardenborough's trainer and a marketing exec that's definitely not GT Academy founder Darren Cox. YouTube star Emila Hartford has a role and Geri Horner will be playing Jann's mother. Mardenborough himself will be played by Archie Madekwe. 

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