JUL 14th 2015

Video: Olympic legend Sir Chris Hoy attacks FoS hillclimb

Sir Chris Hoy’s motor racing career continues at breakneck speed ahead of his longed-for debut at Le Mans next year. At the Festival of Speed the Olympic hero and cyclist-turned-driver was pedal-to-the-metal in his new racer, the pretty Nissan-powered Ginetta LMP3 car.

Sir Chris Hoy FoS BJ Baldwin promo

You can hear what he thinks of that, and the hillclimb this year, in our video, as well as see how Sir Chris fares on the hill in the new car, cold brakes and cold tyres and all.

‘It’s been a steep learning curve,’ says Sir Chris, who is competing this year in the European Le Mans Series (ELMS) as part of his aim to qualify for Le Mans next year. So far so good: he and teammate Charlie Robertson won on their debut at Silverstone in April and took victory again in Austria this weekend.

He’s enjoying his racing, Sir Chris tells GRR, but the six-time Olympic gold medal winner admits to scary moments: ‘You need to have a little bit of fear in a racing car, it keeps you sharp.’

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