OCT 10th 2014

Roof comes off Ferrari F12 for America... but there are only 10 (and they're all sold out)

Ferrari F60America

Ferrari has blown the roof off the F12 to create a very limited special edition celebrating the marque’s 60th anniversary. Only 10 F60Americas will be built – all are allocated to the US – and it’s said to cater for USA buyers’ two great passions ­– the V12 engine and open-top driving. And you thought there was going to be something about extra-large cup-holders for supersize Starbucks mugs…

The ultra-limited production run has a historical precedent. The same number of 275 GTS4 NART Spiders were built for the US in 1967. The F60America isn’t strictly ‘just’ an open-top F12; the styling has been tweaked beyond what was necessary for replacement of the solid roof with a fabric item.

The asymmetrical interior colour scheme highlights the driver’s side with the seat and surrounding composite trim emphasised in red.

The NART colours of the exterior seem to be flavour of the month at Ferrari right now – the same scheme was used for the launch of the 458 Speciale A at the Paris show last week. There are also American flags stitched into the seats. And to think Luca di Montezemolo reckons Ferrari is becoming  too American…

It will be unveiled at Beverly Hills City Hall tomorrow evening but, if you want one, it’s already too late. They’re all sold.

Ferrari F60America

Ferrari F60America

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