MAY 22nd 2014

'Selfish' Lamborghini goes home

Egoista concept finds a permanent home at Lamborghini museum

Supercars aren’t made for their caring, sharing side – a point Lamborghini rammed home with its Egoista concept, built last year to celebrate the marque’s 50th anniversary. The name literally translates from Italian as ‘selfish’, a characteristic strengthened by its single-seat cockpit.

Styling is typical Lambo, but turned up to ‘11’. Inspiration came, apparently, both from the Raging Bull logo and fighter jets. We can’t see much evidence of the former, but the latter is more obvious; the Stealth-like flat panels and general appearance of the cockpit being obvious nods to flying machines. Entry and exit from the cockpit reflects the theme, too; the front-hinging canopy opens, and a series of prescribed steps out across the bodywork is similar to the procedure required when accessing a fighter jet. Not that we’ve ever tried.

We won’t have the chance to get in and out of the Egoista, either; the car is now on display at Lamborghini’s Sant’ Agata HQ, initially in the showroom before moving to the museum. It was first shown at the gala dinner that marked the end of the 50th Anniversary Lamborghini Grand Tour.

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