SEP 25th 2014

Nigel Mansell's F40 comes to market. Tempted?

In all fairness, il Leone famously only owned this Ferrari F40 for a short amount of time, but it will forever be associated with ‘our Nige’ since it was gifted to him by Enzo Ferrari shortly before the great man’s passing. Add to this that Mansell was also the last driver ever to be personally selected by il Commendatore and it adds a certain extra something to the car’s story.

Mansell took delivery of the car on 30th March 1989 to his (then) home on the Isle of Man, but sold the car (after some legal shenanigans) in the same year. It then passed through a number of collectors’ hands through the Nineties and surfaced again in France in 2003, where it stayed until it was sold to a UK buyer in 2012.


The mileage reads as 22,600 and the car’s history would appear to be water-tight with Ferrari Classiche certification that the chassis and body have never been repaired, the engine, gearbox, brakes and suspension are original and the car is still in its original colour (Rosso Corsa).


The only non-original area of the car is the seats, which have been trimmed in beige leather in place of the original red cloth. To us this seems a tad out-of-character, but it is easily rectified.


Bonhams has the honour of finding a new owner for it at its Zoute sale in Belgium on the 9th-10th October. The estimate is £470,000 to £630,000 which seems to be correct, although it has to be said that seeing as though Enzos are selling  for around £1,000,000 and upwards, and that the market for historic Ferraris is so strong, the F40 seems like a bit of a bargain by comparison.

Production of the Enzo was, to be fair, around one third that of the F40, but then the F40 is considered by many to be firmly in the firmament of all-time-great Ferraris. How long before £1,000,000 is the going rate?

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