SEP 15th 2015

Mission E – the next Porsche styling evolution?

Is this the way the Porsche Panamera should have looked all along? And is it the way future Porsche’s might look? The answer to the former is a matter of opinions. The answer to the latter is yes, according to Porsche.

Revival 2015

Whether styling cues from the Mission E concept, themselves with tones of 918 Spyder and 911, make it to future road-going models will depend largely upon the reception it receives at its Frankfurt motor show debut – which you can follow live here.

It’s the first all-electric drive four-seater from Porsche, and some figures have been released to accompany the concept. How about a 0-62mph time of 3.5sec and a 15-minute charge time to 80 per cent capacity? The tech-laden concept also has all-wheel-steering and four-wheel-drive.

As well as the rapid acceleration claims, Porsche makes a big play of the Mission E’s dynamic properties. It has a low centre of gravity and a torque vectoring differential which distributes torque to individual wheels. 

Porsche Mission E

One of the Panamera’s strong suits has always been its interior, and the Mission E has rather similar architecture with its tall centre tunnel. It moves the game on, though, with next-generation controls and instruments, along with gesture control and eye tracking.

With a revised 911 also making its debut at Frankfurt, does the Mission E steal its thunder?

Porsche Mission E

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